White Westinghouse is a renowned American brand know for its sturdy and reliable products.  Every product is made with genuine materials making it far more sturdier than  any other local or Asian brands.  White Westinghouse is known for its innovation and in the 1930's was the first company come out with refrigerators with sealed refrigeration units.  The company was also the first to come-up with Automatic washing machine way back in 1939.The first auto-defrost refrigerators were also introduced by the company in 1960.  The company has been innovating electrical products for more than 90 years and is the most respected brand in the consumer electronics industry.
Ideal for Home, Offices, Hotel, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals & Health.
This 3-in-1 dehumidifier keeps your living places dry by absorbing the water vapor in the air, gives you clean and fresh air by removing dust particles and can dry clothes naturally.